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  1. Mia Dalene says:

    Looking forward to this week long fun time !

  2. Nancy Huseman says:

    Hi Craig,

    Can I come for a couple of days rather than a whole week?

    Nancy Huseman

  3. Amy Jo Miller says:

    I would absolutely love to obtain more information regarding this camp! I really am interested in the possibility of attending. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      we are adding more and more information as we keep getting closer to the day if there is anything specific you need to know let us know

  4. Jennifer Stokley says:

    I am a TBI Survivor/Thriver. I would love this experience, even to help others, which is now my passion in life. But on SSDI, I can’t afford to travel, any ideas?

    I spent 2yrs as a huge supporter, friend and guest on, on over 500 live shows. I run a support page around the world for survivors, my timeline is called a Blog by many, and I do such support privately with survivors, folks with PTSD, Addiction, Depression, and all the mess we all get in this maze.

    I would love to help you all in anyway I can, and you want. I just can’t afford to travel is all. Any Help?

    • admin says:

      what kind of help, we could have a tent and caught waiting for you, pick you up where you are getting here ie airport, train groups make daily runs to a safeway that’s about 30 minutes or so from camp

  5. Mia Marcum-McCoy says:

    I am coming. Is this the right place to sign up?
    Also, I have not received any donations for camp… It anything else.
    My mom (Martha) was looking forward to being the camp cook… I guess we need help in getting food donations… Or just forget it this year? And bring some things we can afford to share- like banana bread, cookies and such???

    Please advise.
    (425) 891-8483

  6. Jill Kennon says:

    My husband and I are both TBI and on long term care. We are sub poverty and would love to come if we had the resources to get there. Are there any scholorahips or stipends available anywhere to assist us to get there? We are in New Mexico.
    Jill Kennon

    • admin says:

      we do not have any scholarship you might check with your local association or alliance see if they will support you or even a independent living center

  7. Julie M. Garland says:

    I would love to attend this camp and meet “like-minded” people… to share in fun and life’s trials & tribulations as a TBI person.

  8. Goob West says:

    I would like to attend this camp. I leave in Missoula, Mt. I have a truck and I could drive, but I do not want to drive by myself. I will check with fellow survivors of TBI in town to see if I can make this a realty. Later—Goob West

  9. Goob West says:

    That was supposed to be ‘live in Missoula…’

  10. Ron Walls says:

    Hey Craig when can I register?

  11. Shanon Conradi says:

    will there be a bus to take us? I’m here in Everett Wa.

    • admin says:

      we have a few volunteers picking people up as we can, check with one of the support groups near their I know several people are coming fro that – a way there is just survivors,families help each other grow, not a government service just a poor band of survivors exploring opportunity, practice social skills in a place where people get it. Meeting new people learning your not alone, its a journey its not good or bad till we make it that way, it’s what we do with each life experience in the end,. hope you make it

  12. Diana says:

    Hi Craig!

    My family met you at the WA State TBI conference in April. I see here that the register page says “Registration is closed for this event.” Is that an error, or is it full?

    Also, will you please email me the calendar schedule? I have vision issues and it is very blurry on my screen and I cannot read it. In an email i am hoping I can read it better or print it out to read it.


    • Diana says:

      Hey! I figured out that if I click on the schedule it will open in a new window and I can read it clearly, :) Yay

      Still let us know if registration is open or closed…. :)

      • admin says:

        yes it is open

        • Diana says:

          Great! I see “registration” is now “cancelled” on the site…

          Sp mark us down for space for TWO TENTS coming, and FOUR people… my husband and me, and two teen sons…

          We will come ready with all that is needed supplies to fully feed , shelter and care for ourselves in tent-camping style…

          If there is anything else I should consider bringing, or not bringing?

          What’s the best way to reach you for more info, or Q & A? Please feel free to reply by private email.

          We will be traveling from the peninsula and will arrive a day or two into it — not on the very first day.

          Thanks Craig for being the catalyst to this fun time. :)
          This will be our first year :) and we are looking forward to it and hoping to see some friends again that we made at this year’s state TBI conference.

          It will be fun! :) !!

  13. Goob West says:

    What all do I need to bring? I found a person to go with. Later—Goob

  14. Goob West says:

    Is it too late to register? The registration page states “registration closed.” Goob

  15. Sharon says:

    Is it too late to register? I just found out about it.

  16. J. Barcklay says:

    Registration doesn’t seem to want to accept info. How can I get registered? Thanks for any help. Is there a phone number to call or anything to talk to a real person.

  17. Jim Hellewell and Ronda Wraspir says:

    Hi Craig! We are planning on being there again this year. Please send me the phone number so I can make a reservation for our camp site. Looking forward to seeing you soon

  18. Goob West says:

    I hit the button and I have cancelled my registration. I did not mean to do so. My buddy and I are looking forward to the week. I DID NOT WANT TO CANCEL OUR REGISTRATION. Please bring it back!!!!!!

  19. Goob West says:

    I think I was able to re-register. Maybe I am registered twice.

  20. crystal says:

    is it a resort with like cabins to sleep in or do we bring tents

  21. Cindy says:

    I am looking for a ride I live in Vancouver, Wa next to Portland,Or. Is there anyone coming this way that could provide a ride there and back? My email address is Thanks in advance.

  22. Joseph Pieretti says:

    Hello to whom it may concern,

    I just saw your web page about the TBI Brain Injury Camp and I fell in love with it. Its something I wish to do but since the Camp starts next week I will need to have info about future Camps. Me – I am a recovering Brain Tumor patient since October of 2008. trying to live on my own with not much as far as rehabilitation. I saw the ad about and videos and became extremely interested in wishing to attend future Brain Inujry Camping experiences. One other thing is I live on the other coast in Florida as I noticed your in the state of Washington which may hinder my getting there this year but yes please send me more information on future dates available. Thank You very Much.

  23. Joseph Pieretti says:

    Id like info on future events on the camping experience i wont be able to make it this year due to me just finding out and timing but would love to attend future camping events. :) Thank You

  24. crystal says:

    will there be bathrooms and showers? also will there be a kitchen

  25. crystal says:

    can u bring pets

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